How to Apply

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    Designed for professionals with a qualifying law degree from a country outside of the U.S. who want to sit for the D.C. Bar Exam, the Flex-LLM program can be completed in just one year and includes BARBRI bar preparation, complete access to the Antonin Scalia Law School resources, and unparalleled networking and career opportunities.

    Application Deadlines

    • Fall 2023 – August 15, 2023
    • Sit for the D.C. bar exam in February 2024
    • Spring 2024 – December 15, 2023
    • Sit for the D.C. Bar exam in February 2025
    • Summer 2024 – April 20, 2024
    • Sit for the D.C. bar exam in July 2025

    Application Instructions

    Admission to the LLM program is highly competitive. To be admitted to the Flex-LLM in U.S. Law, applicants must possess a degree from a law school or other experience outside the United States (U.S.) that is deemed acceptable by the director of graduate admissions as equivalent to an ABA accredited JD program. All applicants for admission must have demonstrated excellence in scholarship, high academic standing, and professional achievements or positions indicating the applicant’s capacity for performing master’s-level work.

    This program is not eligible for F-1 visa students; please apply to the US Law program through if you would like an F-1 visa.

    Admission Requirements

    3Applications are not evaluated until all required supporting documents have been received. For guaranteed consideration, the applicant is responsible for ensuring that application materials are received by Scalia Law School at George Mason University prior to the appropriate deadline. Items 1 through 6 are required from all LLM applicants:

    1. Application and Application Fee

    All applicants apply online. There is no application fee.

    2. Official Transcripts

    Applicants are required to provide official copies of their transcripts before the start of the semester. You can upload your unofficial transcripts when you apply. If you’re admitted to the LLM. program, official transcripts (a WES evaluated credential certificate for universities from outside the U.S.) must be provided before the first day of classes.

    Applicants must submit all transcripts from college or university level work and degrees. *

    3. Official Law School or Equivalent Transcripts

    In addition to transcripts from college or university level work and degrees, applicants must submit ONE of the following:

    a. An official transcript (including grades) showing completion of a law degree in a country other than the U.S.*; or

    b. Other official proof of status as a lawyer in a country other than the U.S.*

    4. 500-Word Statement

    The applicant is required to submit a 500-word statement of educational and professional goals, double-spaced, that will serve as both a statement of purpose and a writing sample. The thoughts and words of the 500-word statement must be uniquely those of the applicant. Apart from basic proofreading, no other(s) may assist in the creation of this statement.

    The personal statement is used to assess your plans for the degree as well as your writing in an academic context. We recommend you use this opportunity to tell us about your career goals.

    While there is no word maximum for the personal statement, brevity and editing are prized qualities for US lawyers. We do not recommend going far above the 500-word suggestion.

    5. Résumé

    The applicant must submit a résumé detailing your educational and professional experience and achievements. There is no page limit.

    Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates (required only for applicants who believe they qualify for in-state tuition rates).

    Applicants who have resided in Virginia for 12 months or more and believe they qualify for in-state tuition rates must complete the Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates and submit the form with your application.

    English Proficiency

    For applicants whose first language is not English, current TOEFL or IELTS scores showing sufficient proficiency in the English language are required. Applicants must have taken the TOEFL or IELTS within two years of submitting their application

    English Proficiency Requirements

    • TOEFL: 90 iBT (no score lower than 20 in any individual section)
    • IELTS: 6.5


    • Fall 2023 – August 15, 2023
    • Spring 2024 – December 24, 2023
    • Summer 2024 – April 20, 2024


    Learn more about the Flex-LLM in U.S. Law